2 Things Dr. OZ Didn’t Say About Hormone (SottoPelle) Therapy

2 Things Dr. OZ Didn’t Say About Hormone (SottoPelle) Therapy

In the video we’ve included in the post below Dr. Oz does a great job discussing all of the most common symptoms that could indicate both men and women may be experiencing a decrease in hormones. He also brought up the most prominent and accepted form of hormone replacement therapy called SottoPelle.

Dr. Oz also did a great job explaining how simple it is to determine if you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance (hint: it’s a simple blood test). But here are three important facts about SottoPelle hormone replacement therapy that were covered by Dr. Gino Tutera later in the video and not mentioned by Dr. OZ.

1. It’s the only hormone replacement therapy that your body can regulate

In the video Dr. Tutera states that “it is the only form of therapy that delivers hormones under the body’s control.” By closely mimicking what the human ovary and testical do by limiting and increasing the dose of hormone secretion based on activity and need.

2. Pellet hormone therapy has been around since 1939

Dr. R. B. Greenblatt brought pellet therapy to the United States while at the University of Georgia Medical College. Prior to coming to the United States pellet therapy was already in use through the UK since 1935.

3. As soon as you have a red flag you should get tested

There are many things that could arise when undergoing SottoPelle Hormone Therapy. And while rare, it is important that if you experience any thing out of the ordinary or expected results from the therapy itself you should contact your hormone therapy professional for additional testing.

Watch Dr. Oz’s coverage on the SottoPelle Hormone Therapy here: