6 Quick & Easy Tips For Lifelong Health

6 Quick & Easy Tips For Lifelong Health

Life is busy! As a society, we’re busier than we’ve ever been before. We’re constantly connected, always accessible, and working towards ever increasing levels of productivity. This rat race and trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ can be an exhausting task, as it’s never quite finished. In today’s post, we’re sharing 6 Quick & Easy Tips for Lifelong Health. From creating time for spirituality and meditation to learning to view food as an energy means, we’ve curated a list of easy to-do list of ways to improve your daily life and overall health.

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  1. View Food as Fuel
    Alright foodies, I know you might be a bit upset by this first tip, but it’s an important consideration: view food as fuel. A large part of socializing and group interaction centers around food. And, for good reason, we’ve all gotta eat! This idea of food equaling socialization can sometimes create issues. The problem with this mentality is that sometimes food becomes associated with fun, family, adventure, and even love. While this can be a good thing to a point, this association can lead some to overindulge in food in an attempt to fill the connected emotions. In other words, people may begin eating to feel loved, to feel a sense of family, or to feel like this epitomizes their adventure/vacation/holiday. This association can lead to obesity and other health and eating problems. Instead of creating associations with food and emotions, start viewing food as fuel. It’s a useful, necessary, means to fueling your body to do the things you want to do not to be the things you want to be.

When you do this, eating healthy makes sense. Fueling your body with greens, lean proteins, and fruit makes your body operate better. You’ll feel better, you’ll sleep better, your energy levels will be up, your digestive system will be regular… and on, and on, the list goes. Start working towards changing the way you see food in relation to your health.

  1. Learn to Love Working Out

It’s not a secret, we’ve known for years what it requires to be in shape and healthy: eating correctly and working out. That’s it! For people with certain restrictions or conditions there may be other necessary steps to take, but for the majority of the population, doing those two things – eating healthy and working out – will lead to a healthy life. It’s time to learn to LOVE working out.

Instead of hating the out-of-breath, muscle fatigue feelings associated with working out. Train your body and brain to love them. It’s as simple as redefining your mantra. Instead of thinking: this sucks! I can’t do this! Start thinking: I’m capable! My body can do this! Whether you realize it or not, what you tell yourself begins to be what you believe. You can love working out, you just have to choose to do so.


  1. Active Activities

Another great way to make a quick and easy lifestyle change is to start doing more active activities. Make time to do things outdoors or outside that make you feel alive. Walking, running, and jogging are great activities. Also consider less conventional ones like playing a sport (tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball…), taking dance lessons, going rock climbing, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, go for a swim, learn to surf, etc. There are SO many fun and active things you can do! Adding some of these activities to your interests can help you learn to love being active.

As an added bonus, if you have kids, do these activities with them! They’ll love spending time with you and will enjoy unplugging as well. You’ll also teach them to love being active themselves, a passion they’ll hopefully carry with them throughout life.

  1. Engage Your Spirituality through Meditation
    With the fast and hectic schedules most of us maintain, it’s important to take a few moments to breath, relax, and recenter our minds, body, and soul. Carve out time during the day to engage your spirituality, whatever that means to you. Maybe you’re religious and participate in an organized religion, or maybe you’re more connected with nature and spirituality in general, regardless, take some time to honor that space within you. Find a few moments each day to connect with yourself. Often, this is done through meditation, prayer, or worship.

If you’ve never meditated before and are unsure of how to start begin by focusing on your breath. You can meditate from anywhere and at anytime; it’s about working to slow the racing thoughts in your head by using the constant, soothing rhythm of your breath.


  1. Stay On Track with Health Appointments

Creating a healthy life means working to stay on top of your health. This type of health maintenance is called preventative medicine. The goal is to maintain health throughout your life and to find and catch diseases early. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states the importance of preventative medicine on their website, saying, “Increasing the focus on prevention in our communities will help improve America’s health, quality of life and prosperity. For example, seven out of 10 deaths among Americans each year are from chronic diseases (such as cancer and heart disease), and almost one out of every two adults has at least one chronic illness, many of which are preventable.”

The easiest way to do this is to stay on top of your health appointments. We’ve all been there, you’ve had a busy week and the last thing you want to do is wait at a dentist’s office for hours to have your teeth scraped. However inconvenient it may seem, you need to stay on top of your regular checkups including dentist appointments, doctor’s visits, eye exams, and other health-related exams you may need.


  1. Treat Yourself
    Lastly, a life filled with health requires treats! What kind of treat is up to you. Maybe you want to eat a decadent dessert every now and then, go for it. Or, maybe you’d prefer splurging on a new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while, do it. No matter what the word ‘treat’ means to you, it’s important to treat yourself every once in awhile to maintain a healthy life.

Make sure to ‘treat’ yourself well too. Treat yourself how you would like to be treated by others. Yes, expect a lot from yourself, but also be nice, kind, gentle, forgiving, and understanding of yourself. We’re all doing the best we can in this life, so give yourself – and others – a break.

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