7 Reasons “Beautiful” and “Healthy” Are The Same Thing

7 Reasons “Beautiful” and “Healthy” Are The Same Thing


It’s time to redefine the words “beautiful” and “healthy”. For far too long these words have sat at opposite ends of the spectrum when relating to our bodies. Societal pressures often make us value one of these words over the other, making them mutually exclusive; either we can be beautiful, meaning we fit within the extremely narrow window that defines standard ideals of beauty, or we can be healthy, alluding to the idea that our bodies are prospering but that we aren’t necessarily beautiful. The notion that these two words cannot exist at the same time is downright silly.


Today, we’re showing you 7 reasons why the words “beautiful” and “healthy” are the same thing.  After all, words matter. What we say and how we speak about ourselves, our health, and our beauty is impactful. Check out how “beautiful” and “healthy” are the work together below!


  1. Healthy Bodies and Happy Minds

When you’re healthy, your beauty radiates from within. No matter what we look like and no matter how differently we may look, beauty is about being healthy in both mind and body. When we live a healthy lifestyle our bodies are happy, and we’re more likely to have happy mental health as well. Happy body, happy mind!


  1. Working Bodies!

Having a healthy, functioning body is beautiful. If you’re body is able to walk, run, move, dance, jump, and do everything you need to and want to do during the day, then you’re golden. Instead of trying to make our bodies fit into unrealistic beauty standards, let’s celebrate healthy bodies. Life is too short to spend, celebrate your healthy and beautiful body!


  1. Let’s Talk About Energy

When you live a healthy lifestyle consisting of eating correctly (fruits, veggies, and lean protein for the win!) and working out daily (30 min of sweat a day as a rule) then you will feel  the difference. You’ll have more energy! That means more energy for you to spend doing things you love and enjoying life, and isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?


  1. Spread Love

When you’re healthy in both mind and body, you’re able to give more of yourself to others. Instead of spending so much energy focusing on internal pressures, worries, and concerns, a clear healthy mind can focus externally; that’s true beauty! Sharing your passions and what you love is what beauty is all about.


  1. Confidence is Key

Here’s the trick to beauty: it’s all about confidence. Being happy with yourself and your body attracts people. It’s the law of attraction; what you put out to the world will come back to you. If you show the world (your friends, family, and social network) that you’re confident with yourself, the world will believe it and return confidence and beauty back to you. Being healthy can help you feel more confident and in turn, make you feel more beautiful.


  1. Banish Beauty Standards

Let’s face it, most beauty standards are incredibly outdated. Who decided being 5’8 and a size 2 was the be-all-and-end-all in life? Just another human; who wasn’t any smarter or more capable than you are. It’s time to banish harmful beauty standards that make us feel inferior. Instead, use health as a guide to beauty. Here’s a new beauty standard to live by: healthy bodies are beautiful bodies.


  1. Be You!

When you are at your healthiest, truest, and most real self, you are beautiful. When you’re not at your healthiest self, you’re still beautiful. What we need to focus on is creating healthy bodies and minds that make us feel our most beautiful. By being YOU, and working towards a healthy lifestyle, you will feel your utmost beauty.
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