Deciding Whether a Personal Trainer Is Worth It? Consider This..

Deciding Whether a Personal Trainer Is Worth It? Consider This..


1.Motivation & Accountability

One of the biggest factors in considering a personal trainer is motivation and accountability. How self motivated are you? Sure, we all may think we are great at self-motivating ourselves to hit the gym; In reality, most people have issues keeping and maintaining a strict workout schedule. There are too many distractions that get in the way – whether it’s work, kids, family, errands, or other responsibilities – there’s always something that will pop up. Our lives are incredibly busy and making regular time to work out can be extremely difficult.

Working with a personal trainer gives you a higher level of accountability and motivation. You have set appointments to meet with your trainer, and they expect you to be there! Your trainer will not be OK with you skipping out on workouts or deciding to cut your running short for the day. A trainer will be there to push you, motivate you, and keep you accountable to your goals. Having a coach, mentor, and fitness expert in your corner is invaluable.


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2. Personalized Meal Plans

Not only will your personal trainer be there to motivate you and kick your butt in workouts (remember it’s for your own good!), trainers from BalanceBody MD will create personalized meal and plans specifically for your health needs. Our trainers do full health assessments to create meals targeting your specific body’s nutritional needs. For example, metabolism issues are a major factor in weight loss and weight gain for some people. Our team will look into all of these contributing factors, like metabolism concerns, to create a meal plan that help your body operate at its highest capacity.

The best part about working with trainers connected with BalanceBody MD is that you’re not just hiring one trainer, you’re surrounding yourself with an entire fitness and health team. Our trainers ensure your fitness and nutrition are where they need to be and our trained medical staff works with other health concerns you may have, like vein or hormone treatments. At BalanceBody, we do it all!


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3. Workouts and Body Tracking

Personal trainers will create unique workouts to target your specific health concerns and keep track of your progress. This may seem like an obvious perk of working with a trainer but it can be overlooked. Personal trainers have specific certifications to help them know the best workouts to get your body in healthy tip-top shape. They study this stuff, a lot. For the majority of us, we’re not health or fitness experts. We may think doing 30 minutes of cardio every day will give us a flat stomach but in reality, it’s just not the case; in fact, a recent article by says many of us actually spend too much time doing cardio and not enough time with weight training.If you aren’t working with a trainer, you might not realize your gym workouts might actually be counterintuitive to your goals. Working with a certified professional trainer will ensure your spending every valuable minute you have at the gym the right way.


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